career programs for fine artists

• Build your skills & knowledge; prepare for the fine arts world.
• Interact with professionals in the arts to learn about career paths.
• All programs—other than portfolio reviews—are open to all students and alumni. Portfolio reviews are for juniors, seniors and grad students only.

current fine arts related workshops

• Residencies - Workshop & Panel
• Grants Workshop / Find & Apply
• Exhibition Opportunities
• Building & Presenting Your Portfolio
• How to Network & Market Yourself
• Prep for the Fine Arts Portfolio Review
• Resume Critique
• Fulbright Workshop

Complete Career Programs Listing

Fine Arts Portfolio Review
Monday, April 25, 2016

• Rhode Island Convention Center - Noon - 5:00PM.
• 40+ galleries, curators, grant/residency programs, & arts organizations.
• 100+ juniors, seniors & grad students attend from all disciplines.

2015 - Organizations In Attendance

The Rules: How to play the art game

• Learn how to effectively market your work
• Maximize studio visits by fine art professionals
• Build an audience and sustain your practice

The Rules: Presentation

Art of Business Bootcamp

• Hear from experts on business issues for artists and designers.
• Workshops on marketing, promotion, pricing, funding, contracts, legal issues, licensing & business plans.

Art of Business - website

RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare

• All-day event is part TED Conference, part bootcamp.
• It strives to ignite the inherent entrepreneurial spirit at RISD.
• Over 15 speakers from design, fine arts, start ups & venture capital.

RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare - website, videos & resources

NYFA Learning

• NYFA experts cover essential topics for becoming a profitable artist.
• Blends formal instruction, networking and group interaction.

NYFA Learning / Professional Development Info