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• Internships help you build a stronger resume; make professional contacts; see your field firsthand; gain academic credit; get a better starting job; and determine what you want to do, and don't want to do.

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Internship Timeline

Seeking Jobs & Internships - Handout

Preparing For Internships - Handout

Register Your Internship in ArtWorks - Handout

Job & Internship Tips For International Students - Handout

CPT Checklist for International Students Interning in the US

Internship Agreement

Student Internship Evaluation

essential internship boards

ArtWorks - RISD's Internship & Job Board

Internships - The World's Largest Internship Marketplace

Indeed - The Premiere Job Search Site - All Disciplines

Idealist - Worldwide Listings of Nonprofit & Volunteer Opportunities

Bridge Internships - Rhode Island Internships

SEG - Rhode Island Social Enterprise Internships & Jobs

RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship

• $5,000 to support RISD students in an unpaid summer internship
• Applicants must research and propose an internship where artists / designers are not usually found.
• The nature of the internship should focus on highlighting and strengthening the role of innovative, visually acute critical thinkers to solve problems and address public/social/community concerns. The work should connect to public policy in some way.
• The internship organization must be a government organization, non-governmental organization, or non-profit organization (not a for-profit company).
• Projects that engage and promote the advocacy of the inclusion of arts in science, technology, engineering, or math fields are preferred.

RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship - Guidelines
RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship - Website
RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship - Application

RISD Parents’ Council Internship Award

• Up to $2,500 for an unpaid summer internship in the fine arts realm.
• Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible.
• Generously funded by RISD parents Mark and Simone Bye, Christopher Scholz and Inés Elskop, and Teresa F. Doyle.

RISD Parents Council Internship Award - Guidelines
RISD Parents Council Internship Award - Application

Textron Charitable Trust Fellowship Award

• Up to $2,500 for an unpaid summer internship/experience.
• Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible.
• Generously funded by the Textron Charitable Trust.

Textron Charitable Trust Fellowship Award - Guidelines
Textron Charitable Trust Fellowship Award - Application

Internship Connect & Portfolio Reviews

Internship Connect - September 30, 2015
Design Portfolio Review - March 8, 2016
Fine Arts Portfolio Review - April 25, 2016

• These events connect you with companies and arts organizations who are interested in seeing RISD talent for current and future opportunities.

Internship Connect

RISD Design & Fine Arts Portfolio Reviews

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Mint - Personal Finance Software

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Payscale - Cost of Living Calculator

SALT - Student Loan Guide

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RISD Careers @ Facebook

RISD Careers @ Twitter

RISD Alumni Group @ LinkedIn

RISD Jobs and Internship Group @ Facebook (must have RISD email to join)

career search strategies

• Develop career search strategies that move beyond internship sites.
• Explore listings at job boards & inquire about internship opportunities.
• Our discipline specific presentations offer extensive resources.

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