alumni resources

• Alumni provide a powerful network to help to develop your career.
• RISD is fortunate to have numerous sources to connect with alumni.
• Alumni understand the RISD experience & the professional world.
• Always express your appreciation for their time, advice & resources.

risd alumni resources @

• Links & descriptions for all of the resources available to RISD alumni.

RISD Alumni Resources @ RISD.EDU

Ways to Connect with RISD Alumni

alumni art sales

• Very popular sales showcase RISD talent & take place 3 times a year.
• Great opportunity for emerging & established artists to sell work.

RISD Alumni Art Sales

RISD XYZ Magazine & newsletter

• Links & descriptions for all of the resources available to RISD alumni.

RISD XYZ Magazine

RISD XYZmail - Newsletter

Our RISD Blog

• A show and tell about our truly amazing RISD community.

Our RISD Blog

Degrees In Action Blog - alumni interviews

• Andrew Richards '15/ID created this blog of alumni interviews.
• Gain tips & advice on putting your degree into action professionally.

Degress In Action Blog: RISD Alumni Interviews

RISD Connect - alumni stories

• RISD's exclusive site for sharing stories about RISD and careers.
• Alumni and students respond to questions through video & text.

RISD Connect - Alumni & Student Video Wall Project

Beyond RISD - alumni lecture series

• Conversations exploring the professional work of RISD alums.

Beyond RISD - Alumni lectures

RISD Voice - alumni perspectives

• Shared alumni perspectives on careers & creativity.

RISD Voice

RISD Kickstarter

• Get funding for your next creative project at RISD's curated page.

RISD Kickstarter

RISD Etsy Team

• This group gathers RISD alumni and students together on Etsy.

RISD Etsy Team

RISD Working - brochure

RISD Working Brochure - 40 Profiles of RISD Rock Stars