• Get involved with RISD & access the best talent in the world!
• Post internships, jobs & opportunities to our job board, ArtWorks.
• Find RISD talent at our exclusive showcase, RISD Portfolios.
• Participate in Portfolio Reviews, Career Panels, Recruitment & more.

RISD Employer Brochure - Get Involved with RISD

RISD Working Brochure - 40 Profiles of RISD Rock Stars

Profiles of RISD Departments

ArtWorks – our exclusive job board

• Best way to get the word out about your immediate hiring needs.
• Post internship, full-time, freelance or artist opportunities.
• Search student and alumni profiles, resumes and website links.

ArtWorks – RISD’s Exclusive Job Board

Internship FAQs for Employers

Internship Agreement

Supervisor Internship Evaluation

RISD Portfolios – talent showcase

• An extraordinary showcase of RISD talent across all disciplines.
• Reach out directly to the talent you need for your opportunities.

RISD Portfolios - Our Exclusive Showcase of RISD Talent

Portfolio Reviews + Recruitment

• Two major events - Design & Fine Arts Portfolio Reviews.
• 170+ companies & organizations participate each year.
• 700+ juniors, seniors & grad students attend from all disciplines.
• Experience RISD talent first hand for potential career opportunities.
• Provide feedback on students' portfolios & their presentation skills.
• On-campus recruiting schedules developed to meet hiring needs.
• Arranged for select companies & organizations.

RISD Design & Fine Arts Portfolio Reviews

Event Logistics

Employer Partnership Options

Internship Connect + Recruitment

• Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence RI
• 80+ companies & organizations; 400+ students participate.
• Companies & organizations must have internships to attend.
• Learn about programs, make important contacts & introduce yourself for consideration of internship opportunities.

Learn more about Internship Connect!

on-campus recruiting

• On-campus recruiting is conducted fall and spring semesters
• Coordinate your visit with Career Center staff
• Private interview spaces are available, $50 fee per room
• Reserve space in advance, pay by credit card

RISD On-Campus Interviewing + Recruiting

programs, talks & panel presentations

• Selective process to match those interested with the right programs.
• Review our current programs to identify the fit for your expertise.

Complete Career Programs Listings

guest artist/designer

• Share expertise through an educationally based workshop series.
• Available during RISD Wintersession or in the summer.
• Provides access to RISD facilities - library, museum & nature lab.

questions & contact

• Susan Andersen, Associate Director, at sanderse@risd.edu