build your business

• Start with a business plan; research your market & competition.
• Attend workshops, bootcamps & conferences.
• Meet with advisors & consultants; network with other business owners.
• Test market; seek feedback; & refine your business plan.

RISD events & workshops

RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare
• Hear 10 talks by RISD alumni presented TED-style to inspire you to start your own business!

NYFA Artist Bootcamp
• This one-day event for fine artists teaches the fundamental principles of sustainability in the arts, namely finance, law, marketing, and fundraising.

Art of Business Bootcamp
• One day event with focused workshops on business planning, marketing your work, finding funding, pricing work, and more.

tips & advice

Best Free Online Course for Entrepreneurs

How to Earn an Elite MBA for Free

Danny Kim '09/ID Inspires with His Vehicle of the Future

10 Tips for Getting Paid What You Deserve

How to Make It as a Freelance Entrepreneur

Ten Rules to Build a Wildly Successful Business

Degrees In Action Blog: RISD Alumni Interviews

planning and ideation

Presentation: Growing Your DIY Project Into a Business

Presentation: Creating a Business Plan

Google's Design Sprint Method

How to Build a Startup

The Business Model Canvas

How to Write a Business Plan

Business Plan Techniques & Resources

Determining a Legal Business Structure

SBA: Starting and Managing Your Business

finding manufacturers and suppliers

Tips for Finding Manufacturers & Suppliers

Makers Row



Industrial Quick Search

marketing and promotion

Presentation: Marketing and Promotion for Creatives

Strategic Messaging and Positioning

SBA: Developing a Marketing Plan

Marketing and Promotion Resources

Marketing Agency for Creatives

MailChimp Email Marketing

ClickBooth "Cost Per Action" Advertising

pricing work and services

Presentation: Pricing Work for the Marketplace

Standard Pricing Formula

Strategies for Pricing Products

Graphic Artist Guild Pricing Handbook

Coroflot Design Salaries & Pay Rates

Pricing Calculation Guide for Freelancers

5 Steps to Price Your Freelance Work

rhode island services & education

GPCC Business Resources

Entrepreneur Providence

Center for Women and Enterprise

Hatch Entrepreneurial Center


The Founders League

The Plant Providence

Sprout Coworking Space

Free Online Training


Marketing and Outreach