freelance basics

• Understand the key elements to starting your own freelance business.
• Find advice on business structure, marketing, networking, pricing, contracts, and financial issues.

Art of Business presentation

Tips from two experienced creative freelancers

Ready, Set, Freelance

freelance opportunity boards

Search for available freelance gigs in many creative disciplines


LinkedIn ProFinder


Working Not Working


set up, structure, and organize your business

Locate studio space to create work

NYFA Studio Space Listing

The Listing Project

State Art Agency Directory

RISD Online Career Library Studio Space Resources

Understand the basics of business insurance

Freelance Insurance Basics

Studio Protector Artist Insurance Guide

Freelancers Union: Insurance for Freelancers

Organize your business

6 Steps to Growing Your Personal Freelance Brand

5 Common Mistakes New Freelancers Make

Consider an IRS Employer Identification Number

market and promote your business

Create an effective freelance website

6 Steps to Create A Knockout Online Portfolio

How to Market Your Creativity

Portfolio Tips for Freelancers

Market your brand using social media

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Guide

Advice From Social Media Mavens

Utilize traditional media

Advice for Using Artist Postcards

Artist and Designer Postcard Samples

Creative Business Card Examples

Printing and Mailing Resources

Other marketing strategies & resources

Marketing Agency for Creatives

MailChimp Email Marketing

ClickBooth "Cost Per Action" Advertising

network to find work

Make industry connections with professional associations

How to Build Connections Just Starting Out

Art & Design Professional Associations

Professional Associations by RISD Major (Coming Soon)

Use LinkedIn to find clients and promote your work

Getting Started on LinkedIn

How to Find Freelance Jobs on LinkedIn

Join the RISD Alumni Group

Join freelancing related organizations to build relationships

The Freelancers Union

Graphic Artists Guild

National Association of Independent Artists

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

price it right

See pricing estimates for various types of freelance work

Graphic Artist Guild Pricing Handbook

FAQ's for Children's Book Illustration

Coroflot Design Salaries & Pay Rates

Pricing advice from professional freelancers

Pricing Calculation Guide for Freelancers

10 Pricing Tips for Freelancers

5 Steps to Price Your Freelance Work

The Dark Art of Pricing by Jessica Hische

Pricing FAQ's for Illustrators

Do What You Love - But Never for Free

Pricing formulas for freelancers

Pricing Calculation Guide for Freelancers

Standard Pricing Formula

Strategies for Pricing Products

contracts: get it in writing

Advice on basic freelance contract elements

Contract Provisions Every Creative Needs to Know

Basic Freelance Contract Elements

Elements of an Illustration Contract

AIGA Standard Design Contract

Sample Contracts in Graphic Artist Guild Handbook

Resources to create legal documents & contracts

Shake Law

Legal Zoom

Legal Docs

learn the legal issues

Resources for legal advice for creatives

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

The Legal Artist

RI Pro-Bono Business Start-Up Clinic


Legal Guides for Creatives

Key legal issues for freelancers

Understanding Copyright

Intro to Licensing

Key Issues for Art Licensing

Understanding Patents

Patent Resources for Entrepreneurs

know your dollars and cents

Intuit small business finance guide

Intuit small business finance guide

Find funding sources for your freelance business

Grants & Loans for Small Businesses

Crowdsourced Funding

RI Commerce Loans

Learn accounting basics

Financial Planning Advice for Creatives

Definitions of Basic Accounting Terms

IRS Record Keeping Guide

Brass Taxes: Tax Help for Artists

RI Tax Filing

Accounting and finance software

And Co - Invoicing & Project Management Software (RISD Discount)

WaveApps - Accounting & Invoicing Software

QuickBooks - Accounting Software

Mint - Finance Management Tool

Shoeboxed - Receipt Tracking

Expensify- Expense Reporting Software