Harvard Business School Online - CORe Program
The Language of Business

RISD Careers is pleased to announce our collaboration with Harvard Business School Online and their Credential of Readiness (CORe) program which will provide you with the fundamentals of business. If you apply and are accepted into their sessions, you'll be eligible for scholarship support from Harvard if you're also currently receiving financial aid from RISD.


HBX CORe Overview

• RISD students can learn business skills online at Harvard!
• Prior business experience or coursework is not required.
• CORe utilizes Harvard Business School's proven case method and social learning experience to help you develop real world analytical and problem solving skills.
• CORe teaches you the essentials of business - Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting - through immersive case studies and a fully interactive online platform.
• The CORe program expects you to learn, but also to mix it up with others in the learning environment, to exchange ideas with your classmates and to seek help from your peers.
The CORe program will set your resume apart and expand your network by giving you access to the impressive CORe community.

program details

Find information on the Harvard Business Online CORe learning model, curriculum, faculty, learning expectations, costs and financial aid.

costs & harvard scholarships

• As a collaborating college, RISD students may be granted need-based scholarships from Harvard Business School (HBS) Online. The program fee for CORe is $2,250.
• You must be currently receiving financial aid from RISD to be eligible for Harvard scholarships. HBS Online will work with the RISD Financial Aid Office to review your financial aid eligibility.
• Depending on the timing of your application, admission and scholarship decisions may take up to 4 weeks.
For students currently receiving financial aid, scholarships may be $1,800 for high need, $1,350 for medium need and $675 for low need.

risd funding for summer sessions

• The Career Center will provide $8,000 of support ($4,000 for each summer session - June & July Cohort Dates) to be distributed among students based on their completion of the program, performance, and remaining costs after they finish either summer session.
• To be considered for funding, RISD students must complete the program, sit for the in-person final exam, and then notify Kevin Jankowski, Director RISD Career Center, at kjankows@risd.edu when this has been accomplished. Once students attain their final grades, they must also submit them to Kevin Jankowski and a deadline will be established to do so. This additional funding is only available if these steps are taken.
• For students who meet the above eligibility, funding support will start with the top performing students (based on their grades) to cover their remaining costs (after any scholarships they've received from Harvard) and will continue until the $4,000 has been depleted for each summer session cohort. Since funding may be depleted, this support is not guaranteed.



• June 2019 Session - Application Deadline is June 17.
• July 2019 Session - Application Deadline is July 15.