meet with a grant & residency advisor

• Learn how to prepare and apply for grants and residencies.
• Develop ideas; receive proposal writing guidance & editorial coaching.
• Facilitate your career growth through educational & networking benefits.
• Create a competitive application; fine-tune your materials.
• Discover numerous national & international grants & residencies.
• Appointments are for 1 hour; follow-ups may be 1/2 hour or shorter.

RISD Grant & Residency Advisor

Lisa Cramer
Grants & Residencies Coordinator
RISD Fulbright Program Advisor

• During the Fulbright application cycle, May-October, RISD Advisors Scott, Susan, Alan, and Kevin are available for Grants & Residencies advising.

schedule an appointment

• Online scheduling is now available for RISD full-time degree program students and alumni only.
• Both in-office & phone appointments can be scheduled online.
• Unable to find an appointment to fit your needs, please call 401-454-6614 or email and we'll be happy to assist you.

Online Appointment Scheduler

appointment cancellation policy

• Failure to show up for a scheduled appointment, negatively impacts student & alumni access to Career Center appointments.
• The following policy will be enforced when a student or alum fails to show up for a scheduled appointment.

RISD Career Center Appointment Cancellation Policy

prep for your appointment

• Try to conduct research on opportunities before the appointment.
• Bring in a draft of a proposal, portfolio or other materials for review.
• Is there a city, state, country where you want to be?
• Why is the grant or residency important to you & your career?