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• Internships help you build a stronger resume; make professional contacts; see your field firsthand; gain academic credit; get a better starting job; and determine what you want to do, and don't want to do.

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Internship Timeline

Seeking Jobs & Internships - Handout

Preparing For Internships - Handout

Register Your Internship in ArtWorks - Handout

Job & Internship Tips For International Students - Handout

CPT Checklist for International Students Interning in the US

Internship Agreement

Student Internship Evaluation

essential internship boards

ArtWorks - RISD's Internship & Job Board

Internships - The World's Largest Internship Marketplace

Indeed - The Premiere Job Search Site - All Disciplines

Idealist - Worldwide Listings of Nonprofit & Volunteer Opportunities

Arts Interns - Paid Internships in the Arts

Bridge Internships - Rhode Island Internships

SEG - Rhode Island Social Enterprise Internships & Jobs

nyc paid creative internships

• RISD alum Barron Webster 16 GD has created a list of places that pay their interns above the current NYC living wage. You'll also find places where you can gain professional experience and grow your networks.

NYC Paid Creative Internships

RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship

• $5,000 to support RISD students in an unpaid summer internship
• Applicants must research and propose an internship where artists / designers are not usually found.
• The nature of the internship should focus on highlighting and strengthening the role of innovative, visually acute critical thinkers to solve problems and address public/social/community concerns. The work should connect to public policy in some way.
• The internship organization must be a government organization, non-governmental organization, or non-profit organization (not a for-profit company).
• Projects that engage and promote the advocacy of the inclusion of arts in science, technology, engineering, or math fields are preferred.

RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship - Guidelines
RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship - Website
RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship - Application

RISD Parents’ Council Internship Award

• Up to $2,500 for an unpaid summer internship in the fine arts realm.
• Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible.
• Generously funded by RISD parents Mark and Simone Bye, Christopher Scholz and Inés Elskop, and Teresa F. Doyle.

RISD Parents Council Internship Award - Guidelines
RISD Parents Council Internship Award - Application

Textron Charitable Trust Fellowship Award

• Up to $2,500 for an unpaid summer internship/experience.
• Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible.
• Generously funded by the Textron Charitable Trust.

Textron Charitable Trust Fellowship Award - Guidelines
Textron Charitable Trust Fellowship Award - Application

Internship Connect & Portfolio Reviews

Internship Connect - annually each fall
Design Portfolio Review - annually each March
Fine Arts Portfolio Review - annually each April

• These events connect you with companies and arts organizations who are interested in seeing RISD talent for current and future opportunities.

Internship Connect

Design Portfolio Review

Fine Arts Portfolio Review

personal finance tools

Mint - Personal Finance Software

Budget Calculator

Payscale - Cost of Living Calculator

SALT - Student Loan Guide

social media internship search resources

RISD Careers @ Facebook

RISD Careers @ Twitter

RISD Alumni Group @ LinkedIn

RISD Jobs and Internship Group @ Facebook (must have RISD email to join)

career search strategies

• Develop career search strategies that move beyond internship sites.
• Explore listings at job boards & inquire about internship opportunities.
• Our discipline specific presentations offer extensive resources.

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