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• We’re here for your student from day one at RISD to after graduation.
• Explore this site and see our extensive array of career resources.
• We welcome your posting of opportunities to our job board, ArtWorks.

RISD Careers @ Facebook

• ‘Like’ our FB page and effortlessly see our valuable career resources.
• Daily postings of jobs, internships, career advice, programs & more.

RISD Careers @ Facebook – Link

RISD Portfolios – talent showcase

• Your student can upload their work & be seen by RISD & the world.
• Want to see the amazing work coming out of RISD? This is it!

RISD Portfolios - Our Exclusive Showcase of RISD Talent

career programs & portfolios reviews

• Your student can attend over 30 career programs each year.
• These help them build their skills and knowledge of fields & markets.
• They can gain feedback on their portfolio and presentation skills.
• We want to prepare them for the professional world.

Career Programs - Overview & Registration

Design & Fine Arts Portfolio Reviews – Overview

alumni connections

• Alumni provide a powerful network for your student in their careers.
• There are numerous sources & ways for them to connect with alumni.

Connecting with RISD Alumni - Overview

RISD Working Brochure - 40 Profiles of RISD Rock Stars

ArtWorks – internship & job board

• Your student can access our internship & job board, ArtWorks.
• Need to fill an opportunity? Post it to ArtWorks & hire RISD talent!

ArtWorks – RISD’s Internship & Job Board

career library @ Delicious

• RISD's exclusive resource for your student’s career research.
• 10,000 links to an exceptional range of art & design websites.

Online Career Library - Overview

entrepreneur resources

• Entrepreneurial spirit is inherent to RISD students & alumni.
• Your student can access an array of entrepreneurial resources.
• Our RISD Mindshare event is part TED Conference, part bootcamp.

Entrepreneur Resources – Overview

RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare - Event

grant & residency resources

• We’ll help your student to find resources to support their work.
• RISD is one of the top Fulbright producing colleges in the country.

Grant Resources - Overview

Residency Resources - Overview

Fulbright Award Program – Overview & RISD Support