building your portfolio

• Critical for internships, jobs, and freelance work.
• Essential for exhibition opportunities, competitions & calls for entry.
• Necessary part of grant & residency applications.

RISD Portfolios

How to Build Your RISD Portfolio

creating a professional portfolio

Creating & Presenting a Powerful Portfolio - Advice from TCG

Essential Steps to Making a Killer Portfolio

6 Steps to Creating a Knockout Portfolio

Artist Website Tips

How to Get In the Door With a Great Portfolio

The First Five Years - What to Put In Your Portfolio

website = portfolio

• To build an effective portfolio, research and learn from the websites of your fellow RISD students and alumni.
• In addition to RISD Portfolios, you can build your site through other sources; check out our handout for options.

RISD Student & Alumni Websites @ Delicious

Example of a Print Portfolio Presented Online - Shinah Lee

Posting Your Work Online - Other Options Handout